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To introduce myself: I’m Numi, and I grew up in Sri Lanka – a sunny little island nation southeast of the tip of India.

My passion for cooking and food started from when I was about 12 years old. Having been born into a large family, food was always being cooked, with three cooked meals being served to the table in our house every day. My father was a Police Officer (and a gentleman!) and as such our family days were disciplined – my mother would set chores for all of the older children; including overseeing breakfast, lunch, dinner, housekeeping, babysitting and keeping the household spick-and-span and running smoothly.

I have fond memories of my younger siblings running indoors for evening tea as soon as they got the smell of my baking. I cherish the memories of our family sitting down to meals where the table was spread with rice and a variety of curry dishes, cooked in large pots and pans. There was also always sufficient extra food for a visitor who dropped in unannounced – hospitality is an important Sri Lankan custom, which continues in Sri Lankan households across the world today.

Having grown up in this environment, my passion to cook and entertain is my sixth sense. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled widely; have extensive restaurant working experience in both Australia and Singapore; and I also managed a spice factory in Sri Lanka, custom-blending spices and manufacturing chutneys, pickles, and sambols.

Based in South London, I feel that Sri Lankan cuisine is yet to be discovered by food lovers in the UK. It has so much to offer, and I know that you’ll enjoy it!


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