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Each of my cookery courses consist of cooking one staple dish, and two or three meat/vegetable curry dishes.

I’ve grouped some of my favourite Sri Lankan meals into the menus below, for simplicity. Courses include interactive cooking time, Q&A time, and of course time to eat your scrumptious meal! You’ll also receive a printed recipe for each dish to take away with you.

If you’d like to customise a course based on your dietary/allergenic preferences, or mix-and-match some of the menu’s dishes, or there’s something you don’t see below, please let me know.




Red Lentils curry

Siyambala Miris Malu Currya

Tamarind chilli fish curry

Katta Sambola

Onion and dry chilli sambol


Steamed cylinders of ground rice and coconut

Elu Mas Currya

Lamb/mutton curry

Ala Kirata

Potato curry with coconut milk

Kooni Isso Mallung

Fine dried shrimp with coconut

Rathu Kakulu Bath

Red (unpolished) rice

Nivithi Kadala Parippu

Spinach and lentils curry

Pol Sambola

Coconut Sambol

Gotukola Salade

Gotukola (Pennywort leaf) Salad

Pol Roti

Coconut roti

Kukulmas Currya

Ceylon Chicken curry

Lunu Miris Sambola

Spicy onion and red chilli sambol
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