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Every piece of feedback I’ve received from my cookery course students:

“Really fun, informative class, plus delicious rice and curry. Numi was very careful about making vegan-friendly curries.”
Isabelle, February 2020, Custom vegan menu

“I had a great time today cooking delicious food and learning lots!”
Huw, February 2020, Custom vegan menu

“Numi is a wonderful teacher whose enthusiasm is infectious. Needless to say the food is fantastic!”
David, November 2019, Pittu

“I’ve had a great time learning and preparing several delicious dishes. Thank you.”
Beth and Toby, November 2019, Pol roti

“Invaluable cooking tips and hints and ideas for spices and ingredients that I’m looking forward to trying. Fabulous experience – Numi is a great teacher – and lunch was delicious.”
Suzie and Anne, October 2019, Pittu

“Fantastic experience, very interesting and Numi is very knowledgeable and amazing at what she does. Thank you for being so warm and friendly, welcoming us into your home and sharing your culture and stories.”
Sarah and Chris, October 2019, Pittu

“Great Sri Lankan cooking. History of spices is interesting and as well as cooking with Numi, the table is set for a wonderful meal with the chef. It’s like cooking with an Aunty. Very pleasant and welcoming. Will be back soon again.”
Hayley, October 2019, Pittu

“A great course, very hands-on, with precise teaching of the recipes and lots of very interesting explanations. Also wonderful, Numi makes everyone really comfortable – great atmosphere around the busy table!”
Natacha, October 2019, Vegetarian Hoppers

“A fascinating lesson, with all our questions answered, and everything clearly explained, followed by an excellent, authentic Sri Lankan meal.”
Stephen, October 2019, Vegetarian Hoppers

“Numi was a fantastic teacher, with her own recipes and amazing stories all of which I will take away with me to impress my friends with!”
Julia, October 2019, Vegan Hoppers

“We had a lovely time on the vegan hopper class. The food was incredibly tasty – we were absolutely stuffed! Thank you!”
James, October 2019, Vegan Hoppers

“Excellent morning spent with Numi making hoppers and curries. Amazing food, great tips for cooking and sourcing ingredients. I’ll be back!”
Patricia, September 2019, Hoppers

“You can tell Numi is incredibly passionate about what she does and it really comes through in the food. Everything was delicious – the hoppers in particular were amazing!”
Ellie, July 2019, Hoppers

“Great, relaxing and enjoyable experience – Numi is extremely knowledgeable and keen to pass on her tips! Definitely recommended.”
Christian, July 2019, Hoppers

“The course was excellent and the food was very tasty. We will definitely be using the lessons we have learned today.”
Sarah and Alan, July 2019, Pol roti

“Extremely informative. The food was delicious and Numi made it such a pleasurable experience.”
Elaine, June 2019, Bespoke Hoppers and Pol roti

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. The course was everything I had hoped for. Your knowledge of all aspects of cookery is superb and it makes the course so fulfilling and valuable. Thank you Numi!”
Rachel, June 2019, Bespoke Hoppers and Pol roti

“It was a wonderful experience. I have gained so much knowledge. Numi was explaining the process so clearly. Enjoyed the food and experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”
Jeevi, June 2019, Bespoke Hoppers menu

“Fantastic, warm and friendly. Numi explained everything so well and let us prepare the tastiest meal we have had in a while. Thanks.”
Harry, June 2019, Pol roti

“Numi taught us so much about Sri Lankan cuisine, as well as us being able to cook and eat so much delicious food! It’s a must-visit class!”
Fran, June 2019, Pol roti

“What a fantastic course! Proper, authentic, home-made Sri Lankan food. Very enjoyable way of learning from Numi – so well informed and knowledgeable. I’ll be back again soon, thank you so much.”
Roberta, June 2019, Pol roti

“I enjoyed a meal tailored to my requirements, enabling me to become healthier. A win-win situation.”
John, June 2019, Bespoke vegetarian menu

“Having been to Sri Lanka earlier in the year we were very excited to eat traditional, home-cooked food again and this did not disappoint. The food was delicious and Numi is a wonderful host and chef.”
Alice, May 2019, Vegan Hoppers

“An incredible insight into Sri Lankan food and also tips how to recreate the flavours in London! I’m hooked on Hoppers! Numi was so friendly and welcoming. What a night!”
Ben, May 2019, Vegan Hoppers

“Fantastic food, great company, five star experience. Thank you Numi.”
Gina and Charlton, May 2019, Pittu

“I have loved my time here today, not only learning about how to cook the dishes but also the process and extra knowledge about spices. Thank you Numi! It has been a pleasure to meet you! We will be highly recommending to our friends and family.”
Lucy, April 2019, Hoppers

“Numi is very passionate about Sri Lankan cuisine and an excellent teacher. The food we made was delicious.”
Daniel, April 2019, Hoppers

“Such a fantastic day cooking with Numi. The food was delicious and we can’t wait to try out the recipes ourselves. Highly recommended!”
Ana and Jason, April 2019, Pittu

“A very enjoyable and knowledgeable-filled day personalised by Numi’s own life experiences of Sri Lanka. Delicious food and lots of it!”
Rebekah, April 2019, Pittu

“Numi has lots of knowledge and was very welcoming. The food was really delicious. It was interesting to hear lots of stories about life in Sri Lanka. It was good to learn about some new spices such as goraka!”
Kayley and Karen, April 2019, Pittu

“Numi is a fantastic, passionate teacher due to her insights in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine paired with an in-depth knowledge of spices and different Asian and European influences. This enables the student to gain an understanding of the wider context of cooking and Numi’s expertise in SL cuisine in particular. Numi uses a multi-method approach in her teaching which comprises theoretical review of recipes and origins of herbs and spices, illustrations of SL cooking utensils, and step-by-step guidance through the cooking process. Numi creates overall a beautiful experience of cooking and Sri Lankan hospitality. She is very charming and encourages students to immerse themselves in the adventure of trying new flavours and colours. If you wish to experience the taste of Sri Lanka in London with a superb, knowledgeable host and want to enjoy the most delicious, fragrant food – book Numi.”
Sina, April 2019, Pittu

“I think the course was amazing, informative, authentic, relaxed, fun, and most of all really tasty! I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn authentic Sri Lankan cooking whether for personal use of for business. Numi is a wonderful teacher!”
Rosheana, March 2019, Hoppers

“Stunning menu, wonderful combinations of dishes that have left my taste buds singing. Wonderful meal with excellent guidance, so much fun. Thank you Numi. This is our third visit and we are looking forward to our fourth.”
Julia and Kelvin, March 2019, Hoppers

“Terrific course! I thoroughly enjoyed learning the techniques and the curry preparation. It was also good to eat the meal!”
Rebecca, March 2019, Hoppers

“I had a brilliant time at Numi’s course. Thoroughly enjoyed learning from her and the food was fantastic.”
Sneha, March 2019, Hoppers

“Very interesting course, Numi is extremely knowledgeable about Sri Lankan food. We were able to learn lots and cooked yummy food. I can’t wait to try at home.”
Hannah, March 2019, Hoppers

“I had a wonderful time learning Sri Lankan recipes from Numi. I now have plenty of new vegetarian recipes to try at home.”
Charlie, March 2019, Vegetarian hoppers

“Numi’s food is inspiring, and has given us an excellent insight into the cuisine of Sri Lanka. I have never had such delicious curries in my life!”
Jack, March 2019, Vegetarian hoppers

“Excellent teacher with a lot of knowledge. Very charming and patient. Will recommend to others.”
Irene, March 2019, Hoppers

“Really tasty menus with simple and clear instructions… perfect.”
David, March 2019, Hoppers

“Numi is warm, welcoming and the perfect tutor who personalises the course with lots of great hints and tips! Oh and the food is fantastic!”
Rebecca, February 2019, Pittu

“A lovely afternoon. Very clear tips and advice finished with a tasty, hearty meal. Would very much recommend.”
George, February 2019, Pittu

“An inspiring experience full of flavour and culinary fun. Thank you!”
Kay, February 2019, Pittu

“Numi is a fantastic teacher and gives lots of tips and stories about the food and country of Sri Lanka. Brilliant course!”
Bryan, February 2019, Hoppers

“Got the cooking class as a birthday present, absolutely loved it. Was good to get all the tips to make everything and bring the recipes home to make again.”
Jo, February 2019, Hoppers

“Great cooking for traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Already thinking about which course to do next :)”
Lisa, February 2019, Hoppers

“Numi – you are a fantastic teacher. You made the recipes easy to follow with a lot of helpful tips in between. Thank you!”
Amy, February 2019, Hoppers

“A most relaxing, informative, fun and flavour-filled experience! Real Sri Lankan food prepared by the wonderful Numi. Thank you.”
Andy, February 2019, Hoppers

“Passionate cookery lesson, would thoroughly recommend. Re-living my experiences of Sri Lanka and a cookery course – I could have died and gone to heaven.”
Belinda, February 2019, Hoppers

“Numi, the course, the food and the whole experience were wonderful, authentic and delicious. I’d love to come back for more! Thank you Numi for sharing your culinary tips and secrets!”
Ola, February 2019, Hoppers

“Wow what a lesson on Sri Lankan food, spices, cooking, history and culture. Absolutely perfect. Thank you Numi.”
Timon, January 2019, Pittu

“Had a lovely, very informative and a fun day cooking with Numi. Learned a lot about the spices the food and had a delicious meal. Really enjoyed.”
Maria, January 2019, Pittu

“Fantastic day, loved making the hoppers. Far better than the restaurant! Delicious lamb curry.”
Richard, January 2019, Hoppers

“Loved every minute. Delicious food. Gracious Lady. Thank you so much. I will come again.”
Jilly, January 2019, Hoppers

“Friendly, thorough and tasty!”
Nilufer, December 2018, Hoppers

“A really informative and enjoyable afternoon at Numi’s home and delicious recipes.”
Emma, December 2018, Hoppers

“Really enjoyed cooking with Numi – she is so passionate about Sri Lankan cooking and so knowledgeable about the spices. Food was absolutely delicious.”
Suzanne, December 2018, Hoppers

“Very informative, home style cooking course, delivered with passion.”
Amanda, December 2018, Hoppers

“An excellent course for learning some vegan-friendly recipes. Delicious, inexpensive ingredients and wonderful spices. Recommended.”
Karen, December 2018, Custom vegan course

“Numi took time and effort to provide us with the tools to recreate and adapt her recipes according to our taste. So much thought has gone into this experience – thank you Numi.”
Lucy, December 2018, Hoppers

“A unique and lovely way to learn beautiful Sri Lankan cuisine. Numi is talented and a great teacher.”
Tim, December 2018, Hoppers

“Even in London it is impossible to find proper Sri Lankan food – Numi’s cooking brought back memories from our holiday.”
Daniel, December 2018, Hoppers

“If this is your first taste of Sri Lankan food/cookery you won’t be disappointed. Numi is very informative and made cooking enjoyable. I urge you to try – you’ll love it.”
Angela, November 2018, Hoppers

“Wonderful Sri Lankan experience, very authentic. Food was so delicious, will return for more classes.”
Vimi, November 2018, Hoppers

“Numi’s course was very clear, interesting and concise. It was also lots of fun. The food was excellent. Highly recommended.”
Leela, November 2018, Hoppers

“Numi is a spice expert. She lets out the best flavours in her curries. Numi cooks with passion and shows her recipes from the heart. I will definitely recommend her courses.”
Ranine, November 2018, Hoppers

“The course was fantastic, Numi is a great teacher and host and I can’t wait to try out the recipes at home for family and friends.”
Jennifer, November 2018, Hoppers

“Fantastic food and instruction, I’ll be having hoppers for breakfast!”
Ben, November 2018, Hoppers

“Everything was very well explained by Numi. Very thorough with a very tasty lunch at the end of it. I’m leaving feeling inspired.”
Suren, November 2018, Hoppers

“Wonderful experience. I will definitely try some of these fragrant dishes again. Thank you Numi. x”
Caroline, November 2018, Hoppers

“I really enjoyed the session, and learnt a few tricks! I can’t wait to try the recipes at home.”
Zöe, November 2018, Hoppers

“Fantastic course with delicious food. Thank you.”
Kate, November 2018, Hoppers

“Learning about all the spices was so interesting. I have really learnt a lot.”
Donna, November 2018, Hoppers

“The tastiest curry I’ve made and eaten. Will definitely recommend Numi’s classes. Very enjoyable class and sharing the knowledge of spices.”
Ranine, November 2018, Pol roti

“Really lovely evening, with great food and conversation. Numi really knows her food! I really liked that we got the recipes.”
Kelly, November 2018, Pol roti

“Tasty, sociable and fun class – Numi was really lovely and very helpful and informative providing great tips and hints for cooking Sri Lankan.”
Kate, November 2018, Pol roti

“Such a fantastic afternoon! We learnt four delicious vegetable curries at an easy-to-follow pace. Numi’s advice and vast knowledge was amazing. Such a fantastic experience to remind us of our Sri Lankan holiday.”
Francesca, September 2018, Bespoke menu – Coconut rice and four vegetable dishes

“We had such a lovely afternoon and learnt four delicious new dishes and a rice dish. This was all tailor-made as we requested vegetarian food. I would highly recommend Numi’s course!”
Rob, September 2018, Bespoke menu – Coconut rice and four vegetable dishes

“Thank you for the lovely day learning to cook Sri Lankan food. I was particularly impressed with the in-depth explanations of each process and element why+how this would affect the finished result+taste. I have come away inspired and re-invigorated. Thank you thank you”
Sharon, September 2018, Bespoke menu – Coconut rice and four vegetable dishes

“Absolutely loved learning about Sri Lankan food, Numi was wonderful and I can’t wait to go home and try the recipes!”
Lisa, September 2018, Hoppers

“Really interesting evening learning to make a delicious, fresh curry and sambol. The rotis were so easy to make and so tasty.”
Karen, August 2018, Pol roti

“Numi is amazing! Delicious food, fantastic recipes and tips for cooking. Thanks!”
Ben, August 2018, Pol roti

“We had a fantastic lesson and lunch with Numi today! She is a welcoming, inviting and informative host and we have learnt so much! I would definitely recommend this to other enthusiasts and foodies.”
Alice, July 2018, Hoppers

“Numi was so friendly and welcoming. Before I came she knew what food I was interested in cooking, even if I did call it “the yellow sauce”. We were even able to take food home for my husband.”
Jude, July 2018, Hoppers

“Friendly and authentic. A truly wonderful way to learn and taste the Sri Lankan cuisine.”
Kevin, July 2018, Pittu

“Numi provides a friendly atmosphere and combines her vast knowledge and welcoming demeanour to provide an absolutely great experience. The food is amazing, highly recommended.”
Emma, July 2018, Pittu

“Lovely atmosphere. Numi is such a warm, inviting person and she’s made the cooking class a real joy. I would love to come back and do more courses in the future. Thank you, Numi, for a wonderful experience.”
Ewa, July 2018, Hoppers

“Thank you so much for sharing your culinary skills with us. You made us feel so welcome. We left with a full belly and a smile on our face. Your warmth and kindness is much appreciated.”
Jo, July 2018, Hoppers

“What a warm, charming lady Numi is. We had a thoroughly interesting time learning not only the techniques of Sri Lankan cookery but about the spices, foods and Numi’s family history. I would highly recommend her course.”
Julia, July 2018, Hoppers

“We had an amazing experience today! The class was very intimate and informative and the food was fantastic!”
Isabelle, July 2018, Hoppers

“We had a fabulous time learning how to Cook Sri Lankan. Numi was very interesting and informative.”
Kirstie, July 2018, Hoppers

“Numi’s course was like travelling back to Sri Lanka but even better because now we know how to make it ourselves. Numi was knowledgeable and entertaining: we loved learning her tips and hearing about her life in Sri Lanka. Such a personal experience – highly recommended.”
Abbey and Jay, June 2018, Vegan Secrets

“Thoroughly recommended, Numi is generous with her time and extremely knowledgeable. The food was sublime.”
Jon, May 2018, Pol roti

“Fascinating insight into the proper way to cook a curry. Getting to understand all the different spices and what complements was what was really interesting. Would definitely recommend and will try when I get home.”
Louise, May 2018, Pol roti

“What a wonderful evening. Numi’s stories were very entertaining and I’m looking forward to recreating this amazing meal.”
Julie, May 2018, Pol roti

“Really enjoyed the whole experience. The food was fantastic and I really learnt a lot. Would recommend as a fun thing to do.”
Laura, May 2018, Pol roti

“Amazing cooking experience, thanks Numi”
Radek, May 2018, Pittu

“Great learning experience! Very informative and interesting day. I would recommend it.”
Johnathan, May 2018, Pittu

“Really enjoyed the course, Numi was an excellent teacher and had an abundance of knowledge about Sri Lanka and cooking! Would definitely recommend.”
Faye, May 2018, Pittu

“A really fun experience with some great food and stories to go with it! Highly recommended!”
Nathan, May 2018, Pittu

“Numi brings the tastes of Sri Lanka alive, tapping into all the senses for a great learning experience. Lots of tips to help adapt every recipe to every taste.”
Sarah, May 2018, Pittu

“My heritage is Sri Lankan and it was great to experience authentic dishes and increase my knowledge. Numi is a great teacher and I really enjoyed the day.”
Sandy, May 2018, Pittu

“I have enjoyed every minute of my day with Numi. I can’t wait to try the recipes at home. Delicious food.”
Sarah, April 2018, Hoppers

“I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday morning than with Numi cooking wonderful Sri Lankan food.”
Alex, April 2018, Hoppers

“The course was really useful, especially learning about spices. The hoppers were really tasty and I hope I can cook Sri Lankan all the time.”
Alessio, April 2018, Hoppers

“I really enjoyed the course today, and the food! Numi was a great host and teacher, and I felt like I learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend to others.”
Neil, April 2018, Hoppers

“Numi was so passionate about her food and cooking and it showed through the delicious food. Loved the endless hoppers!”
Cherie, April 2018, Hoppers

“I really enjoyed learning to cook with Numi. Such a great host and teacher. Going home happy and full!”
Jack, April 2018, Hoppers

“What a splendid introduction to the delights of Sri Lankan cooking. Numi shared her passion with infectious enthusiasm and was the perfect teacher. She transported the sights, smells and tastes of her home country to her beautiful kitchen, and we learnt so much. We had chosen a vegetarian menu, and we cooked together six delicious dishes – such a wondrous combination of flavours. Will definitely return for another course. Highly recommended.”
Jane, April 2018, Bespoke vegetarian menu with Pol Roti

“What a wonderful way to spent an afternoon in Numi’s company, her knowledge, recipes, calm guiding through a complete cooking experience with a delicious lunch as a result. 100% recommend.”
Christine, April 2018, Bespoke vegetarian menu with Pol Roti

“Really enjoyed the course and Numi’s hospitality today and learned quite a few things that I will definitely use when cooking at home. Great food!”
Alex, April 2018, Hoppers (vegetarian)

“Very welcoming and warm, with great insight and rich understanding, great taste and sharing Sri Lankan true culture. Feeling very spoiled with a wonderful cooking experience and food. Romba Nandri!”
Grit, April 2018, Hoppers (vegetarian)

“I LOVED the course. Numi was amazing and the curry was the best I have ever eaten.”
Annabel, April 2018, Hoppers with chicken curry

“It was a wonderful morning, we learnt amazing recipes, lots of secret tips and then ate the most delicious meal. I will be recommending to all my friends!”
Lucy, April 2018, Hoppers with chicken curry

“This is the place to come to learn how an authentic Sri Lankan curry is made. It’s all delicious and great fun too.”
Janet, April 2018, Hoppers with chicken curry

“This is an excellent course for new or seasoned chefs! There is plenty to learn and exceptional food to eat.”
Poorav from USA, April 2018, Hoppers

“Numi’s course provides you with an educational culinary experience accompanied by skill set and confidence to explore Sri Lankan cooking independently. This was truly a wonderful experience – I attended this course with my husband!”
Jothi from USA, April 2018, Hoppers

“We had a fantastic day’s cooking with Numi! In advance of the day she was really friendly as we planned the perfect menu and the day itself was fun, informative and a fantastic way to spend a few hours. Thank you!”
Amy, February 2018, Pol roti and Hoppers

“I felt that I have spent the last six hours in Sri Lanka – not London! Wonderful day, thank you so much!”
Martin, February 2018, Pol roti and Hoppers

“An absolutely fantastic day – it was wonderful to experience the flavours of Sri Lanka whilst learning so much about the heritage. Numi is experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend it as an experience. Thank you Numi – AMAZING day 🙂 “
Hannah, February 2018, Hoppers

“What a fantastic introduction to Sri Lankan cuisine. It makes such a difference to be taught by a real local with so much experience and knowledge to share. Great fun, too – plus of course, the food was AMAZING!”
Nina, February 2018, Hoppers

“We really enjoyed the course today. The food was colourful, fresh and delicious.”
Caroline, February 2018, Vegan secrets

“Great introduction to Sri Lankan cookery. We learnt a lot. Thank you Numi.”
Frances, February 2018, Vegan secrets

“A lovely experience with a great teacher and great-tasting food.”
John, January 2018, Hoppers – vegetarian

“Would thoroughly recommend to anyone who enjoys cooking and wants to learn about a different cuisine. Numi is a very friendly and knowledgeable teacher and host.”
Katherine, January 2018, Hoppers – vegetarian

“Felt really welcome and privileged to have a tailor-made cookery course for my fiancé and I. Numi has so much knowledge and teaches it very well. I have left feeling very inspired and wanting to know even more. Five stars – amazing day!”
Diana, January 2018, Hoppers

“Our cooking lesson with Numi was simply fantastic! We felt right at home, and Numi made us feel very welcome. The food was beautiful, and we are very excited to get home and try out the recipes and tips. We highly recommend cooking with Numi!”
Nathan, January 2018, Hoppers

“Numi is incredibly talented and eager to share her vast knowledge and experience with you. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed her company and the meal!”
Amy, January 2018, Hoppers with lamb curry

“Loved all the food, and learnt some great skills for life. Can’t wait to show my family. Thank you Numi!”
Joe, January 2018, Hoppers with lamb curry

“Excellent, generous teacher. Leaves you wanting more! (More food and more knowledge and training.) We’ll be back!!”
Yrani, December 2017, Pol roti

“The perfect balance of watching, learning, doing, and tasting with tailored tips and insider knowledge! I can’t wait to have a go myself.”
Yshani, December 2017, Pol roti

“If you fancy cooking up a curry yourself then why not learn the tricks of the trade with talented and passionate Sri Lankan cook Numi, who teaches from her home in Battersea. Her Cook Sri Lankan classes include hoppers (a traditional bowl-shaped pancake filled with curry), a delicious kukulmas currya (Ceylon chicken curry), vegan dishes and plenty of other traditional treats.”
Sophie Farrah – Review in Clapham and Wandsworth Magazine, The Richmond Magazine, and The Barnes Magazine, November 2017

“Great recipes, lots of diversity in ingredients, and taught by a true expert.”
Tom, November 2017, Hoppers

“A really thorough and passionate host – provided a great insight into Sri Lankan cuisine! Very friendly and interesting.”
Anna, November 2017, Hoppers

“A friend booked Numi’s course as a wedding gift and it was absolutely fantastic. The fish curry was amazing, as was the sambol and potato curry. We had so much fun cooking the egg hoppers, and they were absolutely delicious – thoroughly recommend!”
Megan, November 2017, Hoppers

“The food was incredible – as close as you get to Sri Lanka without flying. Four courses wasn’t enough – this makes you want to come back and pick Numi’s brains for more.”
Julian, November 2017, Hoppers

“Numi was so kind and extremely clear. She obviously knows so much, and it was a lot of fun to learn how to make coconut roti, chicken curry and sambol. Thank you for having us, it was a huge treat! Her flat is beautifully neat and there are helpful recipes to take home too.”
Eleanor, November 2017, Pol roti

“I had such a good time cooking with Numi – she is so knowledgeable and interesting. I can’t wait to recreate the meal at home. Thank you.”
Harriet, November 2017, Pol roti

“Numi is a great teacher, and we cooked (and devoured) some delicious food. Big fans of the hoppers.”
Ed, November 2017, Hoppers

“The food is amazing and Numi is incredibly knowledgeable and warm – I would definitely recommend it. Excellent hoppers! I want to go and buy a hopper pan and make more!”
Maddy, November 2017, Hoppers

“Numi is incredibly knowledgeable about ingredients and the history of Sri Lankan food. I learnt so much and ate so much. I highly recommend this class to any food lover.”
Jasmine, November 2017, Hoppers

“Fabulous food! Numi was wonderfully friendly and helpful. The recipes were super easy to follow.”
Adam, November 2017, Hoppers

“Great fun hearing about seeing how to prepare wonderful Sri Lankan food. The flavours, colours and textures of the food were amazing.”
David, November 2017, Hoppers

“The hoppers were truly amazing. Numi’s course was filled with fun and food – a real banquet and a goody bag to take home. We’ll be back!”
Lesley, November 2017, Hoppers

“Lovely energy and enthusiasm – and the end result was delicious! Thank you Numi!”
Vaithegi, November 2017, Pol roti

“I loved this course. My introduction to Sri Lankan cooking. I learnt so much from Numi. The teaching and food were amazing. Thank you so much.”
Rob, November 2017, Pol roti

“A really enjoyable afternoon. Yum! I learnt a lot and will definitely be trying these recipes in the future.”
Kim and Arash, November 2017, Hoppers

“I really, really enjoyed the cooking class – Numi is an amazing host – she is warm, friendly and imparted so much wisdom about how to make delicious curry and hoppers. The food was absolutely amazing and we left extremely happy and very stuffed!”
Christina, November 2017, Hoppers

“Numi provided us with a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and gluttonous afternoon. The food was exquisite. She is incredibly welcoming and excellent fun ensuring we all went home very well fed. Her knowledge of Sri Lankan cuisine is encyclopaedic and she took time out to explain a number of extras!”
James, November 2017, Hoppers

“Wonderful preparation, participation of small group makes it easier, and great suggestion of where to purchase ingredients. Bravo!”
Bonnie, November 2017, Pittu

“Numi is warm and passionate – just like the food we prepared today. I look forward to coming back! Thank you Numi xxx”
Claudia, November 2017, Pittu

“Insightful and very knowledgeable course. Numi takes her time to engage with everyone that attends. First-class session and I will be back!”
Julie, November 2017, Pittu

“The course was very informative. Numi knows her stuff and is very keen that you have everything you need to recreate her lovely dishes at home.”
Name withheld, August 2017, Pittu

“Great course! Really informative – I learnt a lot!”
Mahisha, August 2017, Pol roti

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – it was a very hands on experience and we picked up good background knowledge – thank you!”
Ahila, August 2017, Pol roti

“Amazing! The best lamb curry I’ve ever had! Lovely food and discussions around around how to source, as well as cook, Sri Lankan food.”
Peter, August 2017, Pittu

“The food was amazing – we had so much fun and learnt so much about Sri Lankan cooking. I’m looking forward to making it again myself.”
Rachel, August 2017, Pittu

“A brilliant experience, we learned a lot about the use of spices and seasonings and recreated the wonderful taste of the food we enjoyed so much in Sri Lanka. Numi was a very engaging and friendly host.”
Nigel, August 2017, Pittu

“We really enjoyed our cooking experience – thank you to Numi who explained everything so well. Will definitely be making parippu on our return home!”
Rachel, August 2017, Pittu

“Numi is entertaining. She gave us a wonderful ‘tour’ around Sri Lanka and then fed us the most delicious food.”
Cara, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“It was a lovely voyage through Sri Lanka – very knowledgeable and very tasty food. Thank you!”
Claudia, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“We were given lots of interesting information about spices and Sri Lankan vegetables.”
Pauline, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“Numi’s introduction to Sri Lanka and the delicious feed have made me want to visit. I’m going in January. Meanwhile, I’m going to Tooting to a Sri Lankan restaurant.”
Annie, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“All samples were delicious, such exciting flavours.”
Victoria, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“Thank you for all the interesting information about Sri Lanka. I would love to go there! After sampling your homecooked Sri Lankan food I will try out some Sri Lankan restaurants.”
Ameli, July 2017, Kensington Chelsea Women’s Club – Event

“Transported to Sri Lanka for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon! Learnt loads, ate loads and laughed loads too. Thank you Numi and we look forward to trying Hoppers at home.”
Carey, July 2017, Hoppers

“Great course and felt as though we were guests in her home. Very welcoming and the food was delicious.”
Agnes, July 2017, Hoppers

“I was very impressed with the time that Numi gave us – no rushing. She made sure that she got everything covered to our satisfaction – and the food was delicious.”
Tom, July 2017, Hoppers

“Very informative course. The food was absolutely delicious. I would like to come back and will be recommending it to others.”
Judith, July 2017, Hoppers

“Fantastic food cooked and explained with great passion! Thank you for you hospitality and great sense of humour.”
Victor, July 2017, Hoppers

“Such a wonderful experience! The food was amazing and it was so interesting learning about Sri Lankan food, I couldn’t fault Numi’s teaching. I would definitely recommend for all age groups.”
Charlotte, June 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Speaking from a Sri Lankan background I thought Numi’s classes and food are very authentic… and extremely tasty. Not to be missed!”
Kavan, June 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“What a fantastic day we had with Numi! From start to finish she took time to carefully explain everything. I especially enjoyed learning about spices, and of course the hoppers! Would definitely recommend Numi’s course for anyone interested in learning more about Sri Lanka and its amazing food!”
Helen, June 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“The passion and depth of spice knowledge surpassed my expectations. The way it is taught is an honour to fantastic joy which is cooking.”
Rebecca, June 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“I really liked the homely atmosphere Numi provided and the course was so informative. The food was amazing and I am so glad we came.”
Ben, June 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot. Picked up some useful tips. Had fun cooking and enjoyed eating the food enormously.”
Martin, June 2017, Pittu Menu

“Numi was fantastic, passionate about Sri Lankan food and spices, a great teacher. Everything we made was authentic and delicious.”
Emma, June 2017, Pittu Menu

“Food was yummy. I learnt a lot. Excellent and good tips provided by Numi. Will definitely come again for another course.”
Vinotha, June 2017, Pittu Menu

“Sri Lankan food is hot (literally!). […] But you don’t have to jump on a plane – or wait in a queue – to try (hoppers), thanks to the passionate Numi whose cookery class uses exotic, little-known spices and ingredients to create delicious, healthy and fiery dishes. […] Verdict: Numi is a charming teacher and conveys her knowledge and skill in a welcoming environment – her own kitchen. Her hoppers are food at its most heavenly.”
Review in BBC Good Food Magazine, May 2017

“Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the hottest trends right now. Hop on board with this traditional rice pancake recipe. […] Editor Keith learned to make the coconutty pancakes at mum-of-two Numi’s Sri Lankan cookery school in south London.”
Recipe in BBC Easy Cook Magazine, April 2017

“A true authentic Sri Lankan cooking experience. I loved the way Numi simplified cooking hoppers. I am looking forward to cooking hoppers at home. She is an amazing teacher. She even gave me a takeaway spice bag to go home and cook with.”
Rajeeva, January 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Highly recommended. Numi is a great host and the food experience was outstanding.”
Raihan, January 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Enjoyed every minute of the course. Numi is delightful. While the course is well-prepared, Numi is very flexible and willing to discuss any aspect of Sri Lankan food and cookery.”
John, January 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Food was beyond my expectations – simply super. A complete Sri Lankan experience which was so enjoyable.”
Ian, January 2017, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“What a fantastic evening. Numi is a wonderful host, what a great way to learn about a new cuisine. Great for people coming along & making new friends & a fun different night with old friends.”
Angela, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“The whole experience was delightful, fun and well-prepared from A to Z. This is one of the best experiences me and my partner had in London ever. We were welcomed with great snacks, warm tea and interesting explanations which made the evening super informative. Making the hoppers was extremely fun and all the dishes were perfectly adapted for an amazing meal. Would highly recommend this event to anyone, Numi is a lovely host, knowledgeable and very sweet!”
Yaron, Funzing CMO, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Lovely fun evening with delicious food.”
Carole, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“The hopper course was brilliant, tasted amazing and at the end of the session I was incredibly full! Thank you very much Numi!”
Chris, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi’s Sri Lankan cooking experience is truly exceptional. Numi is warm and friendly, with a breadth of knowledge about Sri Lankan cuisine. Her recipes are easy to follow, and the food was delicious.”
Yvonne, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“A warm welcoming course, I learned a lot about Sri Lankan spices & cuisine.”
Hannah, December 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi’s warmth radiates as much as the delicious spices she teaches you to cook with! Her class is a gustatory tour through the cuisine of her homeland, which she communicates with passion and expertise from her experience of running a spice company in Sri Lanka. Her course is as much about the pleasure of dining as it is about cooking as Numi effortlessly glides through a four-dish menu, demonstrating a range of cooking techniques and showcasing an array of exotic spices, before sitting down for a leisurely lunch so that you can enjoy the delights of your afternoon. The highlight for me was learning to cook the famous Hoppers – the light, coconutty pancake that’s a staple snack in Sri Lanka. It is quite a process, and takes a certain level of skill, but after a couple of attempts under Numi’s guidance, I made one which was as good to look at as it was delicious!”
Keith, Reviewer: BBC Good Food, and Editor: BBC Easy Cook, November 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers, with Devilled Prawns in place of Tamarind Chilli Fish Curry)

“I was so pleased with the service and attention to detail which Numi provided in preparing a bespoke cookery lesson for my father’s 70th birthday. After years of buying books for Dad, I think I stumbled upon the very best birthday present for him. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking for a fun, informative and memorable experience learning to cook Sri Lankan cuisine.”
Donal, November 2016, gift voucher

“A truly memorable experience and a wonderful birthday present from our son. We were taught how to make delicious and healthy Sri Lankan dishes and then enjoyed the fruits of our labours at lunch in the company of Numi, our warm and entertaining teacher.”
Hilarie & Kieran, November 2016, custom menu

“And on that note – this time of year is a lovely time to entertain; long, cosy evenings spent around the table, and with the clocks about to fall back (on October 30 to be precise), surely there is no better time to gather friends and family around the dinner table and serve up a steaming hot Sri Lankan feast?! A warming, hearty curry is a wonderful meal to serve up during the colder months and, as well as impressing your guests with a homemade Sri Lankan dish, it also makes a taste bud-tickling change from the usual Sunday roast.”
Interview with Sophie Farrah of Toast.life, October 2016

“[…] It’s time for a taste of the exotic, so I head over to Cook Sri Lankan in Battersea. Over the course of four hours, passionate Sri Lankan cook, Numi teaches hapless students like me how to make four delicious traditional dishes, such as vattakka currya and bandakka baduma (that’s yellow pumpkin curry and special pan-fried okra to you and me). The good news is that you get to devour whatever you cook on the day and you take home the recipes and a starter pack of spices.”
Sophie Farrah – Review in The Clapham Magazine, October 2016

“Excellent course, wonderful food and good company. The day went too quickly.”
Anthony, October 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi’s passion for Sri Lankan cooking is infectious. A delight from start to finish.”
Phil, October 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“I enjoyed the entire experience. Numi brings Sri Lanka to her beautiful kitchen and transfers you to the authentic experience by her thoughtful explanation and patient demeanour. Her recipes are easy and thorough. A great course and one of the best I’ve taken, and I’ve taken a lot all around the world. All in all I would give it a 11 on 10! Thank you Numi! Much love and gratitude.”
Zainab, October 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi gave excellent lessons in how to select spices. I now feel more confident in my ability to make authentic Sri Lankan dishes and tweak the recipes to suit my own personal tastes. Thanks Numi.”
Marcia, September 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Brilliant cooking session and beautiful tasting food. Great instructions + history of the spices. It has been a wonderful day spent and I would do another course!”
Hayley, September 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“A brilliant five hours with the wonderful Numi. Authentic Sri Lankan dishes, amazingly delicious. Numi is a lovely host and everything is so well organised. She is a spice expert.”
Sue, September 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Not just a cookery class! We have learned how to cook, why we follow instructions to get the best from the ingredients. So much easier than you would have imagined – super super tasty and a must to share with friends. Wonderful experience we want to learn even more now.”
Julia and Kelvin, July 2016, Menu 3 (Dhunthel Bath)

“I appreciated the flexibility to opt for a pescetarian menu and thoroughly enjoyed my cooking session with Numi! From initial booking and help with directions to the venue, through to class structure and recipe instructions provided, Numi applied the personal touch and the course was very well organised. In Numi, you will meet not only a great teacher but also a warm, friendly and hospitable lady, proud to share insights into (and her experience of) the flavoursome food of Sri Lanka – highly recommended!”
Ruby, May 2016, custom pescetarian menu

“I had never tasted let alone cooked a hopper before, after meeting Numi I am excited to make sure everyone I know and love gets to try them. One of the most scrumptious mornings I have ever had, Numi and her Sri Lankan special recipes are an absolute treat.”
Hannah, May 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi makes you feel at home from the moment you walk through the door. I leave Numi’s course armed with knowledge, inside tips and inspiration. The food was authentic and packed with flavour. Hoppers are my new favourite snack.”
Lia, May 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Had a lovely morning cooking with Numi, delicious food, like being back in Sri Lanka. Definitely recommended!”
Andrew, April 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“The course was great & the food was delicious. Very educational, with simple to follow instructions. Can’t wait to try some of what we learnt at home. Numi was friendly & welcoming, couldn’t have asked for more!”
Kate, April 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Numi is a very friendly & loving woman who will transport you to her land. The flavours are amazing and will make you feel like coming back every Sunday! The intimacy of the kitchen gives you the opportunity to really learn and understand the secret of Sri Lankan food.”
Mathilde, April 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)

“Some of the best Sri Lankan food I have had out of Sri Lanka. Amazing! Thank you.”
Rob, April 2016, Menu 5 (Hoppers)


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